Reaction Bike-Power


We are a social enterprise developing and hiring pedal or bike-power systems to events and organisations across the UK and beyond. Bike generators are a simple, fun, and practical innovation. Allowing people to generate electricity through exercise. Either by powering up the sound system while a band or DJ performs on a stage, feeling the resistance when a 100watt light bulb flicks on, Powering a cinema, or any other of the services we offer.

We provide a valid solution to the power requirements of events. Allowing events to break away from dependence on fossil fuel generators. We also provide solar power. The idea is that some people are always pedaling on the bikes and directly powering the show. The small (1Ah) Capacitor we use instead of a battery is only a buffer to smooth out the power levels over a few minutes. That way the audience is never too far from the thrill of full power. As a complete system including power generation it is comparatively lightweight and easily transportable which opens up a lot of opportunities for doing events in hard to reach or ecologically sensitive areas and reduces our environmental impact from transportation to events.

At events, our bike generators are open to the public to use. We have a special bright power meter which makes it clear to the audience how much power there is and when it’s time to step up and do your bit, or when it’s time to let the kids take take over!

Please have a look around, browse the links above to find out more or contact us to make an enquiry