2014-06-13 22.00.46Welcome. We are a social enterprise developing, and providing hire of, pedal/bike powered Public Address (PA) systems, stages, Energy demonstrations and science games.

Bike generators are a simple, fun, and practical innovation. Allowing people to generate electricity through exercise. With a bike generator you really get to experience electricity generation on a personal level. Either by powering up the sound system while a band or DJ performs on a stage, feeling the resistance when a 100watt light bulb flicks on, Powering a cinema, or any other of the services we offer.

We provide a valid solution to the power requirements of events. Allowing them to break away from dependence on fossil fuels or hugely battery heavy and sometimes impractical  solar/wind power setups. Our generators are extremely quiet and our service is very professional and economical.

Our system now includes 6 high powered efficient bike generators, specially manufactured super efficient and high fidelity speakers and the most efficient amplifiers available. All this ensures cyclists get the absolute most from their effort.

We have been consistently and successfully pedal-powering massive areas with this system since 2009 for up to 2000 people. We are professional, we always turn up and are always ready on time. We’ve got big plans for the future too. The system has amplified a great many varied performances from some really large bands over the years. It has proven itself to be ideal as an effective high quality Eco Public address system (PA) for cinemas, speeches, and seminars. As well as Dj gigs, cinemas, and sound re-enforcement.

We also have a unique, and visually impressive, power meter. Which allows the cyclists to see how much power is in the system. The harder you pedal the more lights come on.

Pedal power meter

Pedal power meter

Pedalling for power is great fun. No need for smelly diesel generators, good for the environment and good for your health. Check out all of the services, advantages. Or have a look at the frequently asked questions page for more details and watch this space to see what the future will bring for pedal power.