Motion – pedal powered sculpture at Royal Hillsborough

Presenting (probably) the worlds first pedal powered sculpture.

Entitled “Motion”; the piece was a commission by Lisbon Council and the artist Marc Kelly (

It features 3 pedal generators and 3 hand crank generators suitable for wheelchair users. The generators power the lights in the giant lampshade. The lights come on sequentially, reacting to the power produced by the users.

It was a lot of work to complete this. We designed and fabricated the base frame, generators and generator frames, installed the lights and electrics and the stainless steel panels.  All custom Tig welded steel and stainless work done in house (except the outer rings which where bent by these guys. The central column and shade where not made by us. I’m happy with how it turned out even if the price of materials skyrocketed during the build. Lack of availability of parts meant a lot more work finding parts and redesigning the electronic system. Then to make matters worse, throw in the customs Brexit fees to fully deflate the sails! Despite the hard times, It’s good to have made this piece properly. To last for years and years!

The piece can be found here in Hillsborough forest park Northern Ireland.