Pedal Powered Cinema

Using 4-6 bikes we can power a 2500lumen LED digital projector capable of filling our 8ft by 6ft screen with a crisp HD image. We can also project onto larger screens depending on how dark the area is. By hiring from us you get to take advantage of our high powered bike generators with advanced belt drive system (no noisy wasteful antiquated tyre on roller designs here). And of course the cinema setup comes with our hyper efficient small or medium PA systems to keep everything as easy as possible for the cyclists. All you need is a license and somewhere with low light levels and you have a pop up cinema entirely off grid with no electrical storage required.

It’s inherently difficult to take a good photograph of a cinema as the light levels are so low and the video itself moves during a film, making a blurred effect. This is to be expected. Projectors can’t project darkness. Only an absence of light. Be warned you may see misleading digitally manipulated images on our competitors websites, but not here.