Reactive power displays

Ever since we started working in pedal power we have been working to improve the experience of pedalling. Part of that experience is what happens when you start generating the power. We learnt quickly that communication was key to a satisfying peddling experience.  So after 5 years working on it we have produced a power meter which clearly shows the power level of our system.  It uses 21 lit LED segments which are lit up based on the charge state of the small capacitor we use for buffering the power. 2014-06-13 22.00.46

We also use this circuitry to control other aspects of our power systems. Switching on lightbulbs in the energy awareness demonstrations and for lighting manufacturers who want to demonstrate the efficiency of their products.

This year we will be using this technology to produce some bespoke art installations based on the branding of some of the festivals we attend. Get in touch if you have an idea or want us to make something truly special for your event.