Eden festival bike-powered Reggae stage

For 5 years we have been going to Eden festival with the full sound system and all the DJs. This year they have given us a new arena!

The Boardwalk Stage

2014-06-13 22.00.53

It is set to be the best year yet for our area. Eden is a top class festival of around 7000 capacity. In beautiful Galway (Scotland) it’s the only UK festival with a 24hour license. Last year we clocked up a whopping 48hours of massive beats over the weekend, 12noon-5am, all powered instantaneously from 6 bike generators! (and 2 small solar panels for s bit of help during the daytime)

Eden festival are, like us, taking pedal power seriously.

Acts this year include:

Mungos Hi-FI


Mr Meercat (dubcentral)

Will T (dubcentral)

High Pressure Dub Crew

Breezak (bass Alliance)

Jam Jah

Shortstack Hi-FI

King David

ben parky

Rude Boy

Escape Roots

And all the resident Reaction Sound System crew and family of course!



Jedi Pete

Benson’s Hedges

Nazz and Val

With Pagodas and a stream running through the area. Wild flowers and deciduous trees for shade it’s certain to be one of the most beautiful outdoor stages in the land!