Why should you choose Pedal Power?

  1. Health

    We offer events a simple and environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators. Diesel generators give out nitrogen oxides, benzene, sulfur dioxide and formaldehyde into the air we breathe. With Reaction Bike-Power people can breath easier while they dance to the band or exercise on the bikes. Its a fun opportunity to get involved in the one of the most fundamental yet overlooked aspects of an event. Contributing to the performance and getting some vital aerobic exercise which is sometimes hard to find at festivals and events.

  2. Environment

    Because every link in the system is designed for maximum efficiency we can really impress the public with how much crisp clear sound pedaling can generate. We can do really large areas without using any fossil fuels which makes it even more impressive for the cyclists and audience. As long as we have a small crowd to share the cycling (easy with our Djs or a good band) the party keeps going. Where solar powered stages rely on massive trucks to carry all the batteries. Our stage can be powered entirely by peddling. Meaning we only need a relatively small van so we use less diesel getting to the gig too. Lead-acid batteries are very fragile and they suffer from being run down to a low charge state. Some solar powered stages will push their batteries too far when doing a long gig.  Damaging batteries is far more environmentally destructive than even burning diesel due to the large amount of energy they take to manufacture. We use solar panels directly alongside the bikes (when the sun goes down it’s gone). We also carefully use a small number of batteries for things like stage lights and background lighting.

  3. Reliability

    Our experience as operators, exclusive time tested equipment, bespoke power control circuitry, and the fact we use multiple bike generators allows us to offer unparalleled reliability. Over the last 6 summers have done festivals where solar stages have had to plug in to generators on Saturday night. And where all site generators have broken down meaning we were one of the only areas on site still running, we got busy that night! Obviously there needs to be a few healthy people around to pedal but with our crew DJing great tunes between the other acts we tend to be quite busy. Sometimes it will stop when the power level meter goes right down. But that is the beauty of the experience. It normally takes less than a minute for the audience to respond by powering it back up after the shout of “more pedallers” goes up. At a festival we encourage people using the microphone when required. But sometimes it’s good to let people see what happens when the power meter goes right to the bottom. To demonstrate it’s legitimacy…. or just to see their faces and hear the cheers when they get it back on and up to the top!

  4. Sound quality

    We take pride in the excellent sound quality we achieve on our stages. Our sound engineers have years of experience and a great passion for music of all types. We use the very best mixing and processing and custom built hyper-sensitive line array front of house PA speakers which bring out breadth and detail in the music.  All this means the band and audience gets a loud and clean representation of the performance with the minimum of pedalling!

  5. Education

    The efficiency of our sound system and bike generators offers a unique and impressive demonstration of the power of micro-generation and small scale renewable energy. Our exclusive domestic lighting comparison board is a very popular and memorable chance for people to experience what it feels like to generate 3watts versus 200watts or more! Participants learn what 100 watts actually means, or how hard it is to keep a TV working

  6. Affordability

    We offer sound system and power generation all in one bundle so it allows events to save money by hiring the whole lot from one provider. Hiring everything from us also reduces the chances that faulty equipment will cause technical problems. While the audience enjoys great quality sound, gets some exercise, and has a lot of fun! Meaning they will be looking forward to your next event all the more.

  7. Quieter power Generation

Ever been to an outdoor event where quieter acts are drowned out by clanking and clouds of fumes from a petrol or diesel generator? Or where the engineer has to push the sound to fight the background humm of a generator? Not ideal…. But now there is a solution! Our bike generators are super quiet which allows events to take place peacefully, and at a volume which the engineer and promoter decide. Meaning less complaints from neighbors, a much more relaxed performance, and fresher air for everyone.